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Abstract Volume FIEC 12
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We would like to thank all participants of the 4th FIEC for their contribution to the conference in May 2012. We will be looking forward to see you in the Faroe Islands again for the 5th conference.

Please follow the links below for full Abstract Volumes from previous conferences.

The Abstract Volumes from the last conferences can be downloaded from the links below.

Download the:

Abstract Volume FIEC 12 (PDF-file, 2 mb in size)

Abstract Volume FIEC 09 (PDF-file, 1 mb in size)

Abstract Volume FIEC 06 (PDF-file, 11mb in size) or the Abstract Volume - Sindri Conference 2006 (PDF-file, 7mb in size)

Abstract Volume FIEC 04 (PDF-file, 2mb in size)


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